Monday, April 01, 2013

Stay With Me Here...

So let's give this blogging thing a try shall we? I'll be honest, although I've started perhaps 10 blogs before in my life and countless journals on top of that, I've never been one for follow-through. Those who know me wouldn't necessarily call me flighty, but they would certainly speak to the countless places my mind flows and the dedication I have to my personal projects. However, this project is different in so many ways. But wait, I'm already jumping the gun here. Let me back up.

In February of 2013, I took Amtrak down to New York City for an interview for the Young Adult Service Corps. After a fantastic afternoon with many laughs and a few tears (by me, of course. You know me, people!), I took the train right back up to Saratoga Springs, NY to finish my Senior Year of college. I reflected, I prayed, and I contacted every loved one I have to get their thoughts on my potential future. About two days later, I knew I wanted to keep going with the process.

And so, I accepted my fate, emailed YASC, and began filling out paperwork for filing for a new passport. (Note to self: make an appointment with the Post Office if you want to travel anywhere any time soon.) I continued to discuss with my friends and family what it might be like to be in a foreign place for a year doing work for a community that I may not fit in with. And although apprehension followed every conversation, I have still not decided to step out of the process!

About a month after my interview in the city, I received an email from the YASC office with a possible placement for me! As soon as I'd begun to settle into the idea of being gone for a year, I suddenly had a place to imagine myself. And that place? Well it was Cape Town, South Africa, of course!

Now first and foremost, I called my mom. She immediately began googling every detail she could find and we quickly learned that Cape Town is a beautiful coastal city in South Africa where a teensy bit more than half of the population speaks English. (Although I was ready for a challenging new language, I must admit, I was relieved to not have the language burden.) Soon after I called my dad and my brother and told my housemates at college and soon after, I began to believe that I was going to be in South Africa next year.

Now although I haven't finalized my placement with YASC itself, this first blog is a way for me to realistically live with that fact for a little while. Now, if I do end up somewhere else, this post may just find itself stuck in the internet, never to be found again. But if South Africa is where I am meant to go, this will be a story that I'll be telling my friends and family for as long as I live. That, I am sure of.

Ok, so how's that for Post #1? I'll admit, it's a pretty long one. And I do apologize for lack of pictures and fun new culture stories. All of that will change the moment I land in my new home. As of now, I'm be off to write my thesis so that I can graduate and be really prepared for whatever is coming next.

Peace be with you

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