Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Step #2: Hit Up Your Readers For Dough(Nations)

I've been avoiding this for a long time, but my avid readers, it is time for me to make the plea.

As you might have guessed, traveling to South Africa and living there for a year does not come cheap. Now, YASC does all they can to fund me, but I do need to raise half of the expense myself. So, it's up to me and my family and friends and the incredible Episcopal Dioceses of Nebraska and New York to raise $10,000 by September.

Now don't let that feel too daunting, because I know that with God's help, we can do it! Every little bit results in huge milestones as I prepare for the trip, (Ex: Getting halfway there means I can buy my roundtrip plane tickets!!!), so every single donation, regardless of the monetary amount will be greatly appreciated and will go straight into funding the mission.

I've already received some personal checks from family and friends that will be going towards the goal, but I've also created a simple way for you to donate online. I have a donation page, HERE, that provides an easy way to donate directly to my fund. You'll be able to see how much has been raised so far and how much is left to go.

In addition to the incredible karma and all around good vibes you'll be putting out into the world, I can provide some fun perks depending on the amount you donate. Almost every online donation will receive a personal shout-out right here on the blog! If you donate a little more, you might get a letter from me detailing some of the work I've done and fun I've had on the trip. Give even more and you'll be able to dictate a month of the blog, controlling what I write and what I do with my free time. Check out my Go Fund Me page for a complete list of the donation perks and rewards.

With your help and prayers I know I'll reach our goal!

The donation link: http://www.gofundme.com/32d2c8

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