Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Step #3: Keep 'Em Wanting More

Would you look at that? I posted a week ago! It looks like this may be becoming a nice habit after all. And you all thought I couldn't do it! Or was that just me? Well then, it looks like I've proven myself wrong. Hey Self, you're looking at the new and improved blogger Emily! Anyway, enough about my otherworldly blogging accomplishments, it's on to what you've all done so far!

I've been collecting both in-person donations and online donations and the total so far, is well over a thousand dollars! We've raised $750 online and another 350 or so in checks that I've received in the mail. I want to send a huge huge thank you to everyone so far who has donated, but as some of you may know, on my Go Fund Me page, if you donate a specific amount of money ($25 of more) you'll receive a special blog shout-out. And now it's time for Round 1 of those shout-outs! 

So here's to Eric Schweikert, a great friend of the Barker family since Mom and Dad's years in college! Three cheers for Eric! Your faith is an incredible example for me and I will try to implement it in my travels. 

Thanks also to Betsy Fisher, one of my dad's clergy colleagues from the Diocese of NY! Betsy, you're the top! I'm so glad that you're willing to support me even without meeting me. God's care is spreading far and wide!

Marshall and Laura Shelly, you're my first couple donation and I'm so excited it came from you! Marshall and Laura know our family through a clergy colleague group set up by JSB+. (Note to self: set up a colleague group. It'll be absolutely invaluable for any future I have. These men have supported my dad through everything!) 

Thanks to John Andrews, a Nebraska seminarian from VTS! Your contribution is so greatly appreciated! I'm glad you trust a stranger enough to donate towards such a fantastic cause!

Alan Murchie, your music has inspired me and I can't wait to bring some of your fantastic spirit, faith, and kindness with me as I travel. Thank you for the donation!

To my three different Anonymouses (Anonymice?): You know who you are! Whether we've only met recently, have known each other for years, or are still waiting for an introduction, I am so grateful! 

And that ends the first round of shout-outs! I cannot wait to keep this fun going! If you want to be one of these lucky colorful people, click on through to the donation site HERE and give! Even the smallest amount will make a huge dent in the amount I need to raise and I'm grateful for every donation, no matter how small!

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